Our Boo Boo Balm is the perfect healing companion for your pet's adventures. Apply to all boo boos watch it heal their world.

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Clean Ingredients. Clean Floofs. Clean Planet.

The Modern Tail is a celebration of a journey of two individuals and their three pets. Our experiences together have led us ‘hoomans’ on a mission – to make pets feel like they’re on top of the world.

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Love their Shampoo Bar for our dogs. They last FOREVER, no plastic packaging at all.. and their fur remains soft for weeks on end.
They've had less dry flaky skin and I think they enjoy the fact that it's not overly scented so it doesn't irritate their noses. Highly recommend!!!

Jennifer Parras

Chemicals are not her friends at all and they rarely if ever meet. Thanks to The Modern Tail they don’t even exist in her shampoo and conditioner!


It makes the whole process so easy by cutting down the whole bathing time to half, which is like a win-win for both, Grey and us!


Been using the Ticked Off! Shampoo and Flair for Hair Conditiner for a while now and I'm super impressed.
The bar lathers really well, wasges off easily and leaves Kismat squeky clean. The smell doesn't hang around her heavily which is a HUGE plus in my books. It means there is no added fragrance in the recipe.