Do I really need a conditioner?

While shampoos are great for removing unwanted dirt and grime, using a conditioner will help close the hair cuticle and restore moisture to your pet’s coat. Conditioners also fill in any damaged hair and replenish natural oils, leaving your pet’s coat healthy, shiny and dazzling till their next bath session!


How often should I bathe my cat?

Once again, this really differs from cat to cat. Cats with longer and thicker fur might need to be groomed more often than short haired cats. Try not to groom your cat too often, once in a month is good enough for most cats. However, you know your cat the best, so if you think the interval between baths needs to be adjusted, do make that call yourself.


Why do I need to use a special pet shampoo and not what I already use on me?

The answer is simple – your pet’s skin is more sensitive than yours. The pH level of a pet’s skin, for example, ranges from 5.5-7.5 compared to 5.5 for humans. This is why using human shampoo or a pet shampoo that isn’t pH balanced can be too acidic for your pets. This can aggravate existing skin issues, strip their skin of natural oils, cause itchiness and irritation and also leave their coats dull and lifeless. Your fur babies deserve to feel fabulous so choose a shampoo that’s pH balanced and has no nasties (psst! – we’ve got you covered!)



How are The Modern Tail products different from other brands?

We are all about bringing your pet the best care possible, using only the best quality ingredients which are natural or naturally derived. Our shampoo bars are designed to make bath time easier, better and more sustainable. As compared to the commercially available liquid alternatives, our shampoo and conditioner bars give you a higher number of washes per bar, as well as being gentler on their coat & skin. As a business, we’re transparent about our ingredients, constantly innovating to do better. If you have any doubt or feedback, we will be happy to hear it! Just write to us at info@themoderntail.com.


What kind of ingredients do you use? How are essential oils beneficial?

Only the best! We source all-natural, naturally derived and organic ingredients from vetted suppliers across the country. We are obsessive about the quality of each of our ingredients and make sure that we run multiple quality tests. When essential oils are used topically in the right proportion and from the right source, they have innumerable benefits for our pet’s skin. We also use healing oils like hemp seed, tamanu, and neem along with essential oils like lavender, citronella, geranium, which have nourishing, healing and calming properties.


My pet has super sensitive skin and skin issues. Which bar should I use?

While all our shampoos are gentler than their commercial alternatives, we have specially formulated shampoos for pets with sensitive skin; the Soothe Criminal Shampoo Bar for dogs and Parmpurr Shampoo Bar for cats. The blend of butters, oils and lavender in the formulation helps soothe skin while the mild surfactants clean up grime and any topical medication, if used. Start using the shampoo and you will see results after just a few baths!


Is the tick and flea shampoo bar really effective compared to medication?

Most commercially available medical tick and flea alternatives contain pesticides which can have an adverse side effect on your pet (please consult your vet before using these). Our Tick & Flea collection for dogs and cats have a blend of essential oils which act as a natural alternative to warding off ticks and fleas. Adding it to your existing grooming routine will act as a preventive measure to keep ticks and fleas away. However, we always say that it’s important to keep up your pet’s immunity through nutritious meals to help boost their immunity. It’s also crucial to keep physically checking your pet to catch ticks or fleas and avoid any tick-borne diseases.


How can I store the bar after use and make it last longer?

To make your bar last longer, give it a quick rinse post-bath and store it in a dry place, preferably on a soap dish with holes to drain out any excessive water and to dry the bar out thoroughly. Then keep it in a dry corner of your bathroom or cabinet until it’s time to use it again!


Where are your products manufactured?

All our products are handmade in India. We’re a proud homegrown business.

Orders & Shipping


I’ve just placed an order. How long will it take to arrive?

Firstly, thank you for placing an order with us – we’re excited for you and your pet to join The Modern Tail family. Once we receive the order, your package is shipped out within 2 working days and will reach you within a maximum of 7-10 working days, depending on your location within India. We try to ensure our shipments reach our customers at the earliest possible but sometimes there are delays owing to the shipping partners which are out of our control. But rest assured we will follow up to ensure the shipment reaches you speedily.


Do you charge a shipping fee?

At the moment, we charge a flat fee of Rs.80 for shipping, no matter where in India you are located.


Is it possible to change my shipping address?

If you have entered the wrong address, please write to us at the earliest on info@themoderntail.com with the details. If the shipment has not left our warehouse, we can surely update the address, however if the shipment has been sent out, we will try are best to get the address updated.


How can I track my order?

You should get an email and SMS confirmation as soon as your order is confirmed along with the tracking details. If there are longer-than-usual delays, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on info@themoderntail.com and we’ll help you out.


What if I’m not available when my order arrives?

You mean your pet won’t receive it? :) In case you’re not available to receive your order, our courier partner will notify you and also make another attempt to deliver your order after which your package will be returned to our fulfilment centre. If you missed your order, please get in touch with us on info@themoderntail.com and we’ll be happy to assist you.


I’ve received the wrong products. What now?

Oops! In case you’ve received an order that is different from the one you placed, please get in touch with us. Write to us on info@themoderntail.com with your original order details and attach an image with the actual products received and we’ll sort the issue out for you as soon as possible!


I have accidentally ordered the wrong product! Can I return or exchange it?

We understand that this can happen! You can cancel your order before it has been shipped. If the order has already been shipped, we won’t be able to accept any returns or exchanges. We recommend you place an order for the right product and we will try to expedite the shipping process.