Hippie Hound Wax Melts

Rs. 600.00

✓ Alleviates Stress & Anxiety In Dogs
✓ Natural Calming Oils
✓ Made With Soy Wax
✓ Up To 60 Hours Of Burn Time
✓ Safe To Use Daily

Let your furry friend embrace the power of relaxation! Hippie Hound calming wax melt for dogs is sure to keep your pup’s tail wagging! Our soy wax melts are specially formulated to be pet-safe. The essential oil blend includes Lavender and Chamomile that act as natural calming agents for your dog. Whether it’s thunderstorms or firecrackers, let this "scent-sational" blend of calming oils work its magic, allowing them to finally fall asleep.

Each box contains 15 melts.

*Images are for representation purposes only. Burner not included in the price.

• Toss one Hippie Hound Wax
Melt into an oil burner.
• As the wax melts, so will
your pup’s worries. Reuse each melt till scent fades.
• May induce wagging tails,
blissful sighs and occasional nap on favourite couch.
• To remove used melt from
burner, let wax cool and harden, then slowly pop it out.
• Replenish with new piece for
continued bliss.

Star Ingredients

Soy Wax, Essential Oil Blend (Rose, Lavender, Chamomile & Orange)

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