Tranquilkitty Wax Melts

Rs. 600.00

✓ Reduces Stress & Anxiety in Cats
✓ Cat Safe Oils
✓ Recommended For Mixed Pet Households
✓ Up To 60 Hours Of Burn Time
✓ Safe To Use Daily

Do you want your kitty to embrace a purr-fectly tranquil state? Meet Tranquilkitty Wax Melts! It is specially formulated with cat-safe essential oils and soy wax. The Lavender and Tangerine essential oils used in the blend will help relax your kitty during stressful times. Whether it’s fireworks, lightning booms, or even if you just want to rearrange the furniture, Tranquilkitty comes to the rescue.

Each box contains 15 melts.

*Images are for representation purposes only. Burner not included in the price.

• Toss one Tranquilkitty Wax Melt into an oil burner.
• As the wax melts, so will your furry’s worries. Reuse each melt till scent fades.
• May induce purring zen poses and additional occasional naps in favourite spot.
• To remove used melt from burner, let wax cool and harden, then slowly pop it out.
• Replenish with new piece for continued tranquillity.

Star Ingredients

Soy Wax, Essential Oil Blend (Tangerine, Fir, Geranium, Lavender)

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