Clean Ingredients. Clean Floofs. Clean Planet.

The Modern Tail is a celebration of a journey of two individuals and their three pets. Our experiences together have led us ‘hoomans’ on a mission – to make pets feel like they’re on top of the world.

What Inspired Us

Having devoted most of our time to our pets’ emotional and physical wellbeing, The Modern Tail is our answer to the largely unregulated, price-driven and toxin-heavy pet care industry in the country. We obsess over the safety profile of every ingredient, the effectiveness of every product and the power of natural ingredients, bringing you responsible products that are better for your pet and the planet.

Our Impawtent Mission:- At The Modern Tail, each product we make uses the highest quality ingredients and is approved by our own floofs before it reaches yours. Natural and naturally derived ingredients come together in carefully crafted formulations that are put into recyclable or reusable packaging, making the world a better place, one pet product at a time.

Animals of The Modern Tail

Chief Floof Officers – Collie sisters Leia & Kloof and talkative tabby Luke are the inspiration behind everything you see here. From grooming nightmares (you’ve got to see the thickness on Kloof’s mane!) to nasty fungal infections, we’ve seen a lot. What we’ve also witnessed, however, is the beauty of safe, effective and plant-powered ingredients in cleaning, relieving and healing the animals of The Modern Tail. With Leia’s blessing (we lost her to a surgery in March 2022) and Kloof & Luke’s paw of approval, we’re here to make pet care cleaner, better and happier.

People of The Modern Tail

We are because our animals are.

Hello from Anuja (Ex Luxury Retail & Digital Marketing Specialist, Current Chief Everything- Officer at The Modern Tail) and Rupa (Ex Product Designer & Retail Buyer, Current Animal Trainer, Nutritionist, Canine Herbalist & Chief Do-It-All-Officer at The Modern Tail). From scouring national and international markets for the perfect shampoo and conditioner bars that ticked all the boxes for us - natural, safe, eco-friendly, easy-to-access and that left our collies’ coats healthy and super shiny for several days, not finding anything that worked to making our own formulations that changed the grooming game for us, we’ve come a long way on our pet care journey. Whether we’re giving belly rubs, meal prepping for our floofs or marching at pride, we’re always thinking about holistic pet care through a sustainable lens. We’ve found a way to channel all that passionate energy into The Modern Tail, delivering effective, nature-led pet products that show ‘furreal’ results.