Ultimutt Calm Wax Melts

Rs. 600.00

✓ Helps Relieve Separation Anxiety
✓ Natural Calming Ingredients
✓ Made With Soy Wax
✓ Up To 60 Hours Of Burn Time
✓ Safe To Use Daily

Does your pooch suffer from Separation Anxiety? Have you been looking for the right Calm-panion? Then Ultimutt Calm Wax Melt is just for you! Specially crafted to tackle separation anxiety in dogs, this melt is sure to give you a contented canine. This melt will provide 'ultimutt' relaxation! Prep your pooch one hour before you need to leave the house. Pop one melt into a burner and let the blend of essential oils work its magic, transforming anxiety into serenity. Essential oils like Basil help reduce nervousness and stress, while Ylang Ylang promotes relaxation. Ensure to turn the burner off before you leave the house to prevent any fire hazard.

Each box contains 15 melts.

*Images are for representation purposes only. Burner not included in the price.

• Toss one Ultimutt Calm Wax Melt into an oil burner an hour before leaving the house.
• As the wax melts, so will your pup’s anxiety. Reuse each melt till scent fades.
• Don’t forget to turn off the burner before leaving the house.
• Your pup will be in a state of ultimutt calm when you’re ready to leave.
• To remove used melt from burner, let wax cool and harden, then slowly pop it out.
• Use as required. Safe to use on a daily basis.

Star Ingredients

Soy Wax, Essential Oil Blend (Neroli, Bergamot, Basil & Ylang Ylang)

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